Everybody sign this.

Ben here once more.  Gotta jump in here.  I think this is important.

Many thanks to Stevil for posting about this on AHTBM today.  I know his millions of adoring fans will rally to the cause.

If you haven’t seen the story floating around the interwebs yet, the gist of it is that over the course of the last few months or so, this chick Casey Nocket has been traveling around the country soaking in the beauty of our National Parks, and then deciding to improve vandalize various rock formations by adding her “artwork” in permanent marker and acrylic paint.  I don’t think I can accurately describe how infuriating I find this.  It’s to the point where it just makes me sad that there are people like her in the world at all.  I think my National Park count is over 40 these days, and I’m sure that most of you know how much I love these places.  I get bent when my campsite has a bottle cap left in the fire pit, so this one just pushes all the buttons.

What I’m asking you ALL to do, other than public shaming using her name whenever possible, is to sign this petition right now! It will help pave the way to having federal charges filed against her for her selfish, stupid, thoughtless, and asinine behavior.  If you’ve got more than one email account, sign it twice.

Please share this story and petition with any and all people you know.  The more publicity about this story the better.  Many thanks ahead of time.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming, but before I do, Casey, here’s a big giant two fingers up to you, and they’re not my thumbs.