New Bikes


Straight from Anchorage, in the other half of the country, and brought to you by Speedway Cycles, these things take the fat tire “snow” bike to a whole other level. They’re not just for the winter, these are super fun to ride anytime of the year. Take it to the beach, it rides through sand. Hit the trails? Yup, works like a bike. With suspension tires. Want to ride wheelies through downtown traffic? Well, learn how to wheelie, but trust me, it does that just fine too. People think of this kind of bike as being heavy, but at easily less than 30 pounds, they’re lighter than many mountain bikes on the market. And they have 4″ wide tires. Beat that. As I type this, it’s -4 in Anchorage, you think those guys aren’t out riding? Think again.

Link: Fatback Bikes

Santa Cruz

The top dog of full suspension these days. At least in our opinion, and the opinion of some folks who may know more than we do. The Blur, Blur LT, and Tallboy are among the top rated XC rigs on the market right now, and for good reason. These things are fast, light, and squishy. Capable of taking pretty much anything you can throw at them, and doing it with style. Along with the Nickel and other models, SC has got it covered no matter where you ride.

Link: Santa Cruz


Our kind of company. Small, local, hardcore riders who specialize in durable, high quality and fairly inexpensive bikes. If you haven’t heard of this company, you’re living under a rock. All models are available as a frameset and we often build them up ourselves in order to ensure a bike based on the needs of the rider. However, many of their models are available complete from the factory and ready to rip. The Cross-check, Steamroller, Long Haul Trucker, Karate Monkey, fat-tire original the Pugsley, and their car-killing cargo rig the Big Dummy are well spec’d and at very reasonable prices. Might as well sell that Yukon and get one of each. Run by some of our closest friends, these suckers have been tested and proven at derbies, races, tours and commutes by them and us.

Link: Surly


Our primary line of production bikes and one of the oldest bike companies in the world. Their first major racing victory came in 1899 at the Grand Prix of Paris, the predecessor to the Tour De France. These days we only stock selected models but usually we can order anything they offer, dependent on availability. They’re focused mainly on the road market, but they do have a nice selection of single-speeds, which appeals to us. Not to mention the love ‘em or hate ‘em colors.

Link: Bianchi


Great bikes aimed at the standard crowd. Good commuters, street rigs, and the occasional off-roader created by one of the premier cycling-related clothing companies with the help of a former Bianchi designer. Nobody is above or below these things, fun to ride right out of the box and none too expensive, plus you can match brand with your socks and undies.

Link: Swobo


Designed as urban haulers/commuters and made by Specialized, this stand-alone brand has got some nice rigs. Everything from inexpensive, single-speed hybrids to disc-brake, belt-driven, internally-geared pavement crushers. We like ‘em. Maybe you will too.

Link: Globe


Some of the very finest hand-made steel in the country. Trust us. Jeremy offers stock sizes or full custom bikes of all kinds. Standard paint, custom paint, color choices on decals. Mountain, road, touring, cyclocross, bmx, cruiser, tandem, full-suspension, no suspension, geared, single-speed, chain, belt, take your pick. If you’ve got your heart set on getting yourself a bike like you’ve never experienced before, take a look at the offerings, and if you decide to pick one up, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

Link: Sycip

Spot Brand

Formerly Canadian, now out of Golden, Colorado but still are one of the top makers of fine hand-made single-speed and multi-speed frames and bits. Stock sizing and geometries but custom paint is available, the sky’s the limit on that. These are ordered one at a time.

Link: Spot Brand


The little brother of Waterford cycles, these are high quality, hand-made steel frames from the US, specifically Wisconsin. Produced at the famous Paramount Factory. Stock colors and geometries or go full custom for the ride you really want. These are ordered primarily on a per-customer basis, though we always have a couple in stock to drool over.

Link: Gunnar


One of the first companies to make a high quality full-suspension bike that actually worked, and didn’t ride like an old Burro with bad knees. These things soak up the bumps, not your energy.

Link: Maverick