Art Gallery

We like art.

Here at the studio, we have several art shows per year. Usually in the late winter/early spring months. Mostly we feature local artists, but sometimes bring in some out of town talent. Painting, drawing, photography, cartoon, poster, not quite sure what you’d call Steve Smith’s stuff, but we’ve had that too. Always cycling related related in some way, whether the art itself is of bicycles, or the artist is a cyclist. Or maybe just hit one with their car (kidding). Heard of Artcrank? Yeah, that started here.

There’s no real set schedule to these things, so just keep an eye on our blog for upcoming openings. Come early, come often, stay late, take a cab home if you have to.

Think you’re an artist? Like bikes? Feel free to contact us to see if we’ve got an opening for you.


11/15/2012 Upcoming at One On One Bicycle Studio:
A new show featuring Mary Gibney and Noah Harmon!