We here in the service department at One On One pride ourselves on being able to build, fix, adjust, or sometimes replace just about anything bicycle related. We specialize in single-speeds and fixed gear. We also work on multi-speeds, mountain bikes, road bikes, rigid, suspension, wheel building and repair, resurrecting bikes from near death, and sometimes putting near death bikes out of their misery. We’re not elitists here, we’ll work on just about anything. If it’s worth it to you, it’s worth it to us. Any bike is a good one, as long as you ride it.


Our shop labor rate is $60/hour. Yes, we literally charge a $1/minute and bill everything based on time spent. We don’t have the $55 "tune-up ". You don’t need a $55 "tune-up" in order to get your brakes adjusted. Bring the bike down and tell us what it needs. We’ll tell you how long it’s going to take and if any parts are needed and give you an estimate. Turnaround times usually in a matter of a day or two, not a week or two. Even in the summer. We don’t want to store your bike for you, we want you to be out riding it.

Wheel building is not a lost art

Fewer and fewer people know how to do it but it’s not "lost". We are one of a diminishing quantity of shops that think that a hand-built wheel is best and we’ve got the experience to back that up. Reed and Ben have built literally tens of thousands of wheels between them over their years in the industry. Aside from you, the wheels are the most important part of a bike. You wouldn’t get very far without them now would you?

The Junkyard

The junkyard isn’t just for folks like you to come get a cheap part for your bike. We use it as a resource for our mechanics to find just the right thing for that repair. Got a broken derailluer on that old Giant mountain bike? Bent crank on your Raleigh 10-speed? Bad brake on your cruiser? We’re probably not going to tell you that you have to buy a bunch of new parts to get it fixed. Or worse, as some shops do, tell you that you need a new bike instead (LAME). More than likely, we’ll let you know that we can fix it for cheap, using parts from the junkyard that will either work correctly, or sometimes be the exact same thing as you had originally. Only functional.

For more details, please see the junkyard info off of our bikes page.