Branded Merchandise

We carry a variety of branded items so if you want to be one of the cool kids and rock our logo, take a look at the offerings and pick something up for yourself.

T-shirts:  American Apparel.

Mens and womens sizes, usually black of course but sometimes we have a lovely brown too. Short or long sleeve.
Also we have something for the kids. Baby Ts for the little ones, and baby baseball Ts for the slightly less little ones.

Water Bottles:

Of course they have our logo on there, what did you think?
20oz.  Clear or White

Banjo Brothers bags:

Local company run by some nice folks making usable products at reasonable prices. And yes, they put the OOOBS logo on there for us.
Deluxe Medium expandable seat bag
Grocery Pannier
Market Pannier
We also usually have their Commuter Backpack in a medium size. We prefer the white one.

Minnehaha Bag Co:

Also made locally and oh so stylish. We normally stock their Grocery Pannier but can order you anything they have.

One On One branded socks from Sock Guy.

Wool. The only way to go.
Black: Club cut or Crew cut.
Brown: Club cut.
We also stock some lovely wool feet tubes from Endura and Swobo, and can order a few varieties of the coveted Smartwool products.


What kind of shop doesn’t have their own stickers? If you need a little touch up for that scratch on your ride we have small scratch size, and big scratch size. Made by Sticker Robot.

Hardgoods and components:

Some of the many brands of parts and components we carry are from Surly, Paul’s Components, Phil Wood, White Industries and many others. We stock nearly all of the products from Surly and a selection from the rest. Over the years, we’ve used or tried nearly everything so there is some firsthand experience involved here. We can get just about anything on the market pending availability, and we’ve probably got a few opinions too, so don’t be afraid to ask. Unless you don’t want to hear what we have to say.


Our primary lines are Swobo and Endura, though we can get stuff from Showers Pass and others. Lots of wool and lots of style. We stock what we like and as with everything we carry, there’s a lot of product testing done by our crew. Most of us wear this stuff so we’ve got input on sizing and quality and we refuse to sell anything that we don’t approve of.

Link: Swobo, Endura

Eyewear :

Spy wear is our primary brand. Really nice shades and many models, both performance and style. Many with interchangeable lenses. Also makers of very high quality goggles. We stock some models of glasses and can order the rest, goggles special order.

Link: Spy

Courier and bike bags:

We carry bags from Mission Workshop, Chrome, and Crumpler. Makers of quality courier bags, backpacks, laptop bags, and accessories. We try to stock some of all of their products and can special order them if you want that Kremlin in orange. If you just have to have that full custom bag with your own goofy artwork or pattern we can also get Trash bags. They make nice, local, custom bags anywhere from normal to tent sized. Want a image of your face on your bag so everyone knows who’s it is? Andy can hook you up.

Links: Mission Workshop, Chrome, Crumpler, Trash