Hey everyone!

Tomorrow looks like it's going to be a beautiful evening! We're planning to ride with some gravel, hobo-trail, and maybe some singletrack thrown in to one of our normal city loops. We'll have a beer stop in the middle per usual. The route is TBD but will follow some familiar routes if you've joined us in the past. Come ready for good times!

Here are the details:
- Meet at One On One Bicycle Studio at 5:30pm.
- Bikes can go on the racks out in front of the shop, or on the racks in the alley. NO BIKES INSIDE.
- If you need service, come early, you can inquire at the alley entrance per usual.
- Rollout will be at 6:00pm sharp.
- This will be a NO DROP RIDE. There will be a designated group leader and sweeper to make sure we stay together. If things get strung out, don't worry, we will be waiting at turns and intersections to make sure everyone is back together and doesn't miss any of the route.
- This is not a race. We will be keeping things to a conversational pace.
- Bring a friend, a group of friends, or your whole office! This ride is designed to build community and get people out riding.
- This goes without saying, but don't be an asshole, we'll ask you to leave.
- If you're not riding the whole way with us, want to drop off at any point, or really want to get to the bar early, we're going to be finishing at Dangerous Man around 8:00pm, so we'll see you there!

Other Information:
- Take advantage of our daily happy hour for $1 off espresso drinks at the café before we roll out!
- Bring a jacket or a flannel, looks like it'll be chilly this week.
- BRING LIGHTS. It will be dark by the time we finish up. You will not be allowed to roll out with us if you do not have a light.
- If you need service, need to purchase a light, some riding gear, a spare tube, etc. please arrive early. We will be rolling out at 6:00pm and will not be waiting.
- You're responsible for your own supplies and maintenance should you have a flat tire, etc. while on the ride. Come prepared.

Please feel free to ask us any questions on the page below or you can shoot us a message. This is an open event, so feel free to invite friends!