It's finally (well, almost officially) Summer, and it's the solstice, so we thought, 'hey, why not switch up this whole Tuesday Night Ride thing, do something different.' We all love to hit the lake in the summer, we all love to ride some bikes, so let's do just that, on a Tuesday, in the evening. Catch some last rays of sun, take a dip, have a few beverages, and fight off a few mosquitos...together.

We'll be rolling a bit later this week to make sure you've got time to get home from work and change into that nice suit you've been saving for beach season. Come hang at the shop before the ride, but please do so at the back of the alley so our mechanics can do their thing until close at 7, unless you wanna snag a coffee or need service. Remember, empties go in the recycling...

We will be closing up shop at 7 and promptly rolling to Cedar Lake Point Beach at 7:30. Plan on hitting the bootleg trails and whathaveyou on the way.

A few things to remember:
- Bring a flotation device if that's your thing, or if you can't swim. It's a TNR, you're still responsible for you, and I'm not sure any of us can save you if you start to go down.
- sweaters, coozies, leaves, or anything large and opaque enough are a good idea for hiding beverages.
- Bring lights, we'll be riding home in the dark.
- Wear a helmet.
- Soak up some of those good summer solstice energy waves.

Count on fun, count on floaties.