It's the new year, so let's get weird!

Depending on trail conditions, we'll be riding the snowy singletrack / creek / river / lakes when possible, so choose your bike accordingly. If things are warm and closed down, or super gnarly icy, we will adjust accordingly. Plan on 15-25 miles of leisure cruising, shenanigans, and your typical Wednesday night tomfoolery. 

Here are the details:
- Meet every Wednesday at One On One Bicycle Studio at 7:00pm.
- Bikes can go on the racks out in front of the shop, or on the racks in the alley. NO BIKES INSIDE.
- If you need service, come early, you can inquire at the alley entrance per usual.
- No drop. Ramble pace. Beverage stops along the way. Bring an extra layer to bundle up while enjoying said beverages.
- Bring a friend, a group of friends, or your whole office! This ride is designed to build community and get people out riding.
- This goes without saying, but don't be an asshole, we'll ask you to leave.
- If you're not riding the whole way with us, want to drop off at any point, or really want to get to the bar early, we're going to be finishing up at our weekly spot (TBD) around 9:30pm.

Other Information:
- Bring an extra jacket or a puffer to stay toasty.
- BRING LIGHTS. Bring a backup light, don't wanna get stranded out there without one.
- Bring a lock.
- If you need a shot of espresso, some service, need to purchase a light, some riding gear, a spare tube, etc. please arrive early. We will be rolling out at 7:00pm
- You're responsible for your own supplies and maintenance should you have a flat tire, etc. while on the ride. Come prepared.

Please feel free to ask us any questions on the page below or you can shoot us a message. This is an open event, so feel free to invite friends!