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One On One was created on the dirt. We live for this stuff, and there isn't anywhere else in the midwest more hell-bent on getting you out there ripping than we are. Santa Cruz, Yeti, Ibis, Specialized, Rocky Mountain, Surly, we'll get you dialed in and ready to rock.


Get out there and explore. Nothing is more exhilarating than heading out your front door and into the world on two wheels. From the Santa Cruz Stigmata to the Surly Straggler, and everything in between, we've got adventure bikes that will take you there.


The road beckons to all of us. Maybe you just want to get out there cruising the greenway? Or maybe you want to be stacking those early season base miles and racing your first Tuesday Night Worlds at the fairgrounds? Carbon, Steel, Ti. Any way you want it, we got you.


From the cobbles of Main Street to the breweries of Nordeast and the North Loop, the city is yours to explore. From grocery getting to riding with your friends to grab a beer, we've got a fleet of classic city bikes from Bianchi, and Specialized to get you there.



The bike of your dreams. We got you.

You've got a vision. It's time for a new bike, you've had something before, maybe even something great, but it was off the rack, it got you where you wanted to go, but now you want to get there with something that is truly, uniquely yours. We offer a full complement of services tailored to getting you the bike of your dreams. Whether it's simply swapping the bar tape or a new saddle, all the way to a fit session with the great folks over at The Fix Studio to get measurements for full custom geometry, select tubing choices for a custom tuned ride, to custom tire clearances (so you can fit those Byway 47's in your new gravel dream ride) we can get you there. We can start with a stock frame and build something up with a full complement of your specified parts, or let's sit down with a blank sheet of paper and turn your dreams into reality. Whatever you want, let's make it happen.


What's in the Basement...?

The bike junkyard has been in place for about 25 years now. It was started by the Satanic Mechanic and myself. If it (the bike) was made in the last 50 years we probably have it, or the parts to fix it. You just have to go down there and find it...

The basement is CLOSED until further notice. We apologize for any inconvenience.