Our Mission

We believe that bike service should be transparent, straightforward, and that you shouldn't have to pay for extra labor just to meet a standard 'service fee'. That's why when we get you a quote for your bike tune-up, and we end up finishing faster than we anticipated, or fix something and end up not needing to order you those new brakes you thought you needed, you'll see the savings when you come pick your bike up from the dock.

While we always do a la carte service, we've tried to tie things up into a few basic service packages to make things easy for you if you're looking to revive an old ride, get your yearly service, or tune up your race bike after a long season of churning out miles. These prices are guidelines, and depending on the level of work we do they could be cheaper, or we'll call you and ask if we feel like you need any more work done to get things back to running like new.

service packages

Basic - $70

Precision Gear and Brake Adjustment

Lube Chain and Derailleurs

Adjust Headset, Hubs, Bottom Bracket

Wipe Down Frame and Fork


Advanced - $130

Basic Tune-Up Plus

True Wheels Laterally, Radially & Dish

Deep Clean Entire Drivetrain


Ultimate $200

Advanced Tune-Up Plus

Cable and Housing Replacement

Pull and Overhaul Headset

Pull and Overhaul Hubs & Bottom Bracket

Detailed cleaning of Frame, Fork and Wheels


MTB $250 and up

Suspension Bushings Check F/R

Tubeless Sealant Replacement

F/R Brake Bleed

Linkage Check and Adjustment